This piece has two shark fins and one interpretation of a Salvador Dali Clock from his painting, “The Persistence of Memory” (middle of photo). The fin on the left represents all of the sharks in the ocean that are being killed every day by humans. Statistics report that more than 100 million sharks are slaughtered by humans in one year. The space around the shark is kept white to depict emptiness or extinction of shark species. In the middle of this art piece is a mimicked version of Salvador Dali’s melting Clock. This distorted Clock is to represent time and how it can be manipulated. Sharks need our help to end this mass extinction that people have caused. They do not have the same concept of time that we do. To the right is another shark fin. This fin is to represent all sharks species as well. However, I wanted to depict this fin going into the Ocean (instead of away from/out of the water). I wanted this fin to going into the water to show that with our help they can keep on surviving in our beautiful Oceans. The two shark fins and the Dali Clock are all in the shape of a circle which represents Earth (it can also represent the circle of life). This piece was made to help the sharks. Please help end shark finning and this outrageous brutalization.