“A Dream, Not Reality”

“I’ve wandered the wilderness for so long and wished for new eyes to see this world.

Untold, unspoiled, unused in wonder, in an overwhelmingly untrodden awe and glow of close, far, above and under.

I recognize each leaf of every tree, each flower bud and blossom, each body of water both fresh and salt(ed) sea.

Separated from mankind, I’ve pondered the unimaginable. Whirlwinds of thoughts, made of nothing or is it something, I do not seem to know…

Nature’s womb my guide, my only means of comfort to be. Mother Gaia has been kind, she makes me feel wanted not forgotten… not completely, utterly or altogether alone, not left to rot or be rotten.

Too many questions made, no one to hear them, but mother yonder. No true answers to be taught, informed or born… only resolutions misspent to misuse, in waste; left to be swallowed in incurious logic and squander. An ignorant base, where everything is known, in a manifested ‘SONDER’.”

– M. Reed –

“One solar ray glimmered against blackened seas, cloudless skies and a never ending abyss. I looked at this light for a moment or two. It floated on top of the waves while dancing in the dusk, as if knowing it was its last day on Earth. I watched in awe of this shimmer as if it was telling me a story, a secret for only me to know. The last few pieces of today’s sun have said their farewells, and yet, this tiny fragment of light remained with me, dancing still. I pondered this quickly, but only became more confused by the logic of it all. Finally, I leaned over to try and grasp it… this glimmer of light, this impossible thing. I never expected to hold such a glow in the palm of my hand but that didn’t stop me from reaching for the impossible.” – M. Reed

A quote from one of my short stories: “The Water


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July 29, 2019

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